The Ins and Outs of Yard Landscaping

Posted on June 7, 2018 By

Your yard landscaping options are heavily dependent on a few factors. Where you live will determine what kinds of plants you can grow. The slope of your lawn and its soil type will determine how those plants should be watered. The size of the lot and your yard landscaping budget are also significant factors. Additionally, front yard landscaping is often different than backyard landscaping. Of course, these factors can be limiting at times, but with early planning and a little expert advice, it is often possible to create excellent landscaping no matter how big your yard or how demanding your climate.

Front Yard Landscaping: Ideas and Advice
A front yard is a window into the life of a property. If well-maintained and smartly organized, front yard landscaping is likely to raise your home’s curb appeal as well as positively effect the house’s over all value. The front yard should look as open and healthy as possible. Remember, this is how people enter the home; having to dodge too many plants on the way in can be off putting.

Just because front yard landscaping is not supposed to be cluttered doesn’t mean that you don’t still have plenty of ideas and options! Brick or stone pathways can make quite a statement without getting in the way; smaller additions like flowerbeds, potted plants, and even small trees and shrubs are other welcome additions to your front yard landscaping. Decorative fencing, short landscaping walls of brick or stone, and trellises of climbing plants can also add color and texture to your front yard; landscaping is difficult to take care of if you use the wrong plants, however, so make sure that the flora you include in your front yard is going to thrive in your area without needing tons of attention!

Small Backyard Landscaping
Back yards don’t have the pressure of making a first impression; because they aren’t generally seen by those other than you, your invited guests, and maybe a neighbor or two, backyards tend to focus more on function and recreation than curb appeal, giving you a bit more leeway. However, when dealing with a small backyard, landscaping is a particularly difficult task if you want to include areas for all the things backyards do best.

Small backyard landscaping is all about creating multi-purpose areas. If you have children, it might be tempting to fill your backyard with play equipment; however, when barbecue time comes around, you hardly want to make your guests dodge an obstacle course of toys to get from the seating area to the grill! There are several ways to successfully get both functions from a smaller space: You can put down a walkway that separates the “adult” area from the “children” area; you can install a small shed to conveniently house outdoor play items (as well as hoses and other garden necessities); you can even build a small deck complete with benches and a permanently fixed natural gas grill, leaving grassy areas free for children’s play.

Hiring a Pro to Plan Small Backyard Landscaping
Coming up with your own ideas is fun, but hiring a professional to help your design small backyard landscaping is ideal. Not only do the professionals have knowledge concerning the types of additions and alterations that tend to best increase property value, they also have plenty of experience in making smaller spaces perform several functions at once. Though there’s certainly a cost involved in hiring a pro for small backyard landscaping, the scope of the project makes this investment a relatively small one. Plus, when you consider that the designs a professional comes up with are not only likely to increase your property value, but are able to be performed one step at a time whenever you have the money (or the motivation to do-it-yourself), you’ll see that this investment is an affordable and effective solution to all of your backyard landscaping issues!