Common Types of Invasive Garden Weed Found in the UK

Posted on June 28, 2019 By

Waking up to a garden filled with weed can be extremely nightmarish. Fortunately, this problem is quite common all around the UK, and there are easy and simple ways to manage garden weed problems.

Experts suggest identifying what type of weed has colonized your garden before trying to gather the necessary weed removal tools, equipment, and treatment. This will ensure that you fully get rid of the weed from the vegetative parts up to the roots.

Below is a short guide to the most common types of garden weed found in the UK.


Dandelions are very common in every garden in the world because it has a very efficient seed dispersal mechanism. They propagate quickly during the rainy season and they tend to be highly invasive when not managed right away. Thankfully, removing this bright colored weed won’t require you to use special tools and treatment. You can easily remove them using a hoe.

Ribwort Plantain

This weed is well-known for its resiliency. Unlike dandelions which only grow sometime around March to November, the ribwort plantain can grow on your lawn all year round. It is best characterized by the oval-shaped flowers it produces during its reproductive phase.

Creeping buttercup

The low-growing creeping buttercup has incredibly robust roots. This is why it can be extremely challenging to get rid of it without the help of a lawn specialist. This type of weed comes with yellow flowers and fur-coated leaves and stems. They grow quite well in moist soil such as those found in waterlogged fields and ditches.

Japanese knotweed removal

Among all the garden weed found in the UK, the Japanese knotweed is perhaps the fastest growing and the most resilient type. It comes with deep root systems that can cause structural damages and even block the pipes. This type of garden weed is best-known for its purplish shoots, heart-shaped leaf, and thin stems. It’s impossible to fully get rid of this weed without the help of a Japanese knotweed removal expert.

Birds-foot Trefoil

The birds-food trefoil or Lotus corniculatus is a perennial weed. This type of weed is also as resilient as the Japanese knotweed. It has fibrous roots that can grow inside the cracks on the wall. The root system of this plant can be quite hard to remove. They mostly grow anytime between April to Septembers and produce brightly-colored yellow blossoms. If you spot this weed in your garden, you should immediately call in a professional weed removal company.

Don’t wait for the weed to fully colonize your entire garden. See to it that you start managing your weed problem as soon as you can. You should make use of the necessary equipment and tools to ensure that you completely get rid of the roots. You should also be more careful in using mulch. Some mulch layers are laced with seeds of unwanted garden weed.

If in doubt, you can always call a professional to help you out. They will most likely need a few hours to complete the removal service.

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